Our Mission

Our mission is to solve unique business challenges on the Platform. We make Salesforce easy!

Our People

We only hire industry best Salesforce certified resources to deliver maximum value to our customers.

Our Processes

We are an agile consulting partner giving key visibilities into project progress and success enabling a better end user experience.

Our Pledge

We pledge to donate 5% of our total revenue to a non-profit serving the needy. Our choice for 2021 is (DAV) Disabled Veterans of America

Our Passion

Our passion is all things Salesforce. Our passion for Salesforce has propelled our company to great success. We are a proud Salesforce Partner

Our Vision

With our decades of experience on the Salesforce platform we have deep insight into what success means. We translate that vision into client results.

Boost Your Success with a Salesforce Consulting Partner

CloudStack 360 is a registered Salesforce consulting partner with a 5 star feedback rating in the Salesforce Partner Community. We strive to ensure every interaction with our customers is a positive and valuable experience. We bring decades of experience on the platform and can help you solidify your business processes.

CloudStack 360 delivers full life cycle Salesforce implementation services. Our team of Certified consultants, developers and administrators can implement and support your Salesforce solution tuned to bring you better business processes with a 360 degree view of your customer.

Entrust your CRM project to a Salesforce Partner with in depth technical knowledge, comprehensive industry expertise and the resources to deliver a fast and efficient Solution.

“We are passionate all things Salesforce!”

I will tell anyone who will listen that "Salesforce has given me a life I could have never dreamed of in a million years." Anyone that knows me knows I am passionate about Salesforce because there is not a business problem Salesforce or a tool from within the Salesforce eco-system cannot solve. I love solving business challenges and that is why I founded CloudStack 360 to work with customers solving their unique business challenges.
Chris posilippo | FOUNDER